095: Purposely Driven by Veekle | Cherie Williams
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095: Purposely Driven by Veekle | Cherie Williams

Today, we are with Cherie Williams, an accomplished entrepreneur and visionary. Cherie is the founder of FIRM1040, a tax firm assisting clients in different aspects of their financial lives, and owner of Veekle.

Purposely driven, Veekle is a digital peer-to-peer car renting business. She is an experienced accountant holding certifications from the New Jersey Certified Public Accountancy Board, an MBA in Finance, and a Bachelor's degree in Accounting. Having gained valuable experience in corporate leadership roles before starting her own ventures, Cherie is well-positioned for the entrepreneurial journey. She has a deep passion for helping others. 


In this insightful episode, Cherie glances at her journey as an entrepreneur venturing into various start-ups. She shares with us the inspiration behind Veekle, how she turned this concept into reality, and how she manages the challenges any self-funding business faces.



  • Cherie's journey to entrepreneurship
  • How the concept of Veekle came to being
  • What is MVP and why utilize it
  • How to keep your sanity through the process
  • How the Veekle platform works
  • Pitch competitions, their benefits, and how to prepare for them
  • Taking the business to the next level
  • Biggest challenges in growing the business
  • Advocating your business, getting feedback, and taking the risk
  • The actuality of running a business
  • Cherie's advice for entrepreneurs


Contact Cherie Williams:

LinkedIn: Cherie Williams, CPA, MBA

Instagram: @iamcheriewilliams


Find out more about Veekle:

LInkedIn: Veekle™

Facebook: facebook.com/justveekle

Instagram: @justveekle

Twitter: @justveekle