088: Adding Value with Tech | Jason Valley
The Value with Kevin ValleyDecember 20, 2022x
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088: Adding Value with Tech | Jason Valley

Operating at the intersection of technology and business analytics, Jason Valley has spent over 2 decades using technology to add value to businesses. 

His exemplary career spans the finance, oil & gas, and telecommunications sectors where his projects improved turnaround time on business processes. His unwavering commitment to efficiency and excellence earned him the honour of ‘Employee of the Year’ in 1998 and 2010 while his team was recognized as Best-in-Class globally for process optimization.

Following these successes, he ventured into the rewarding world of entrepreneurship seeking to help small to medium-sized businesses optimize their operations.

This interview is jampacked with stories, lessons, and advice on:

  • Opening doors for emerging talent using tech
  • The Importance of Passion and Profits in deciding whether to pivot or scale
  • The difference between being "One in a million" vs "One of a million" and what that means for your value
  • The importance of market research and testing seemingly good ideas to identify the right business opportunity
  • Using free trials to sell your Value proposition
  • The importance of a database of leads to build brand awareness and facilitate new business development
  • How to generate client trust with technology
  • How Caribbean service providers can use tech to maximize time and money.


From Accountant to Tech Trailblazer