099: Mastering Public Speaking and Startup Pitches with Will Greenblatt
The Value with Kevin ValleyJune 04, 2024x
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099: Mastering Public Speaking and Startup Pitches with Will Greenblatt

In this episode, we converse with Will Greenblatt, an acclaimed author and public speaking coach who has aided founders in raising over $350 million.


The discussion tackles the ever-present issue of stage fright and offers strategies to manage it effectively. Greenblatt shares his upbringing rooted in acting, his experiences as a child star, and overcoming various life challenges that shaped his approach to public speaking and entrepreneurship.


Emphasizing the importance of founder market fit and personal connection to business problems, Greenblatt provides insights into what investors look for, such as credibility and effective communication. He underscores the emotional aspects of pitching and stresses authenticity and passion in delivering compelling pitches.


The episode is filled with actionable advice on improving public speaking skills, building strong investor relationships, and mastering the art of compelling business pitches.


00:00 Overcoming Stage Fright

00:37 Introduction to the Podcast

01:00 Meet Will Greenblatt

02:06 Will's Acting Journey

02:57 Family Legacy and Early Acting Career

06:40 Challenges of Child Acting

14:58 Coping with Grief and Mental Health

30:30 Therapy and Personal Growth

37:17 The Fear of Public Speaking

38:19 Understanding Anxiety and Its Lies

39:58 Personal Experiences with Stage Fright

43:37 Overcoming Stage Fright: Practical Tips

55:18 The Five Acts Framework for Public Speaking

01:02:52 The Importance of Emotional Connection in Pitching

01:10:20 Final Thoughts and Encouragement



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