097: Investment Insights from The Bahamas | Nicholas Higgs
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097: Investment Insights from The Bahamas | Nicholas Higgs

In this episode, we are with the Managing Director of The Bahamas Development Bank (BDB), Nicholas Higgs. Nicholas was also the Director and Chief Operating Officer for the Access Accelerator Small Business Development Center (SBDC), where he led the business development department. He is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) with deep expertise in development finance, research, and capital raising. 

Here we delve into investing and raising funds in the Bahamas. Nicholas discusses his journey as a managing director, sharing insights gained along the way. He also emphasizes the importance of networking, tenacity, and expanding one’s horizons. Join us as we look deeper into the Bahamian economy and explore its investment opportunities.


  • [02:08] Taking on the role of Managing Director at the age of 31
  • [05:27] The value of networking and controlling your narrative
  • [12:36] Overcoming fears and getting out of the box
  • [19:00] The power of tenacity
  • [24:43] The art of valuation
  • [29:23] Nicholas’ insights on raising funds and securing deals
  • [36:07] The Bahamian economy during the COVID-19 Pandemic
  • [40:43] The Bahamas Development Bank and its rebranding
  • [43:05] The Sleeping Giant: Bahamas’ Potential and Opportunities
  • [48:11] Investing and raising capital in the Bahamas
  • [51:38] Crowdfunding in the Caribbean
  • [53:45] The BDB’s vision and goals
  • [59:22] BDB’s fund allocation
  • [01:00:39] How do you present your business for financing
  • [01:05:19] Common misconceptions about investing in the Caribbean
  • [01:10:57] Nicholas’ upcoming podcast: Mastering Finance



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