087: Invest in Guyana | Steven Jasmin
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087: Invest in Guyana | Steven Jasmin

Steven Jasmin recognized Guyana’s investment potential back when he first arrived in June 2017. The stark similarities between Guyana and Louisiana; the off-shore centre for oil & gas production in the US; made him a believer in Guyana‘s investibility.


5 years after settling in, Steven and his team have a clear understanding of the Guyanese people as well as the opportunities that lie ahead for the "land of many waters". What he brings to the table and offers to multi-generational blue-collar business owners hoping to have a piece of the oil & gas pie, is his ability to speak the language of Fortune 500 companies. 


He bridges the gap between local businesses seeking to work with large energy conglomerates by overseeing investments and handling key operational tasks required for big business collaborations. 


This episode explores the realities of Guyana’s investibility including

  • Key challenges faced by foreign and local investors;
  • Opportunities for wealth building, investment and economic growth;
  • Capital solutions for investment; Guyana’s diversification options; and
  • The impact of technology on sector development.


Tap in to hear more on Guyana’s investment climate and how Steven and his team are working to create greater opportunities for Investment. 



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