086: Web3 for Business | Jay Harris
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086: Web3 for Business | Jay Harris

Jay Harris makes an appearance on the podcast to discuss the exciting world of Web 3. Web 3 or Web 3.0 is referred to as the next generation of the internet’s technical, legal and payment infrastructure. Its focus is on ownership and incorporates technologies and concepts such as decentralization, token-based economies and blockchain. 

Our conversation sheds light on some important themes in Web 3 and instructs listeners on the key differences between these digital platforms & technologies. 


We discuss:

  • Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Ethereum, NFTs and the Metaverse (what they are and how they are used) 
  • The first step in building a crypto wallet
  • Mitigating risk in an unregulated market
  • How businesses can capitalize on these digital platforms


Jay Harris is the Founder of the W3 Podcasts (Digital Leaders, Web 3 Leaders & World Tech Forum); audio shows aimed at educating and encouraging Web 3 communities. 

The tech expert is an engaging speaker who effortlessly connects with the needs of his audience, inspiring performance, collaboration and change. In fact, many of Jay’s listeners credit him with providing the motivation they needed to launch their Web 3 projects. 

In the corporate world, he is known as a creative thinker and provider of robust tech solutions for complex business problems. 

Plug into this episode to learn more about the next generation of digital platforms.



Episode Video: https://thevalue.show/video/web3-explained-jay-harris

Web3 for Business