083: Failing to Raise Capital
The Value with Kevin ValleyOctober 13, 2022x
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083: Failing to Raise Capital

Have you ever taken the time to develop a business plan, and pitch your idea to investors?

Raise a virtual hand.

Awesome, were you able to win the investment?

Have you ever developed a business idea that needed funding to get off the ground, but never got around to meeting with potential investors? Maybe you were unsure of how to present it, maybe you were afraid, or maybe you just didn’t know where to find investors to fund your idea.

Ok, let’s cast a bigger net – have you ever wanted to become an entrepreneur but hit a mental wall when you think “How on earth am I going to get the money to do this?”

If none of this applies to you, I appreciate you for clicking through anyway 😊.

If you did raise a virtual hand, I am one of you - here's my story.


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