Achieving High Performance and Leadership as an Entrepreneur | Dr. Shelly-Ann Gajadhar
The ValueMay 19, 202401:13:59

Achieving High Performance and Leadership as an Entrepreneur | Dr. Shelly-Ann Gajadhar

This episode features educator and high-performance coach Dr. Shelly-Ann Gajadhar. Dr. Shelly is the founder and Mentor of a women’s mentorship online community of 200+ women called the Go Bravely Mentorship Community and the Author of a daily inspirational book for women entitled Go Bravely: Building Confidence Daily. Having shifted careers from law to business and academia, she blends academic principles with effective management and mindful leadership, delivering rapid results.

In this episode, Dr. Shelly talks about her PhD journey and challenges as a black woman pursuing a PhD. in the UK. She imparts her insights on performance management, a crucial skill for entrepreneurs seeking to excel in their endeavours. Moreover, she also dropped a lot of tips on various topics spanning brand identity, task management, and product launches. Get ready to delve into a wealth of knowledge in this episode as we kickstart our journey toward high performance together.


00:00 Unlocking Self-Leadership and High Performance
00:57 Podcast Introduction: High-Performing Entrepreneurs
02:32 Journey of Transformation: From Law to Leadership
04:48 Navigating Challenges as a Caribbean Academic in the UK
07:05 Activism and Advocacy: Championing Diversity in Academia
19:25 The Genesis of 'Go Bravely': Turning Mantra into Movement
23:20 Mentorship and Building a Community of Empowered Women
33:02 High Performance Coaching: Legacy, Vision, and Systems
39:04 The Power of Staying in Your Lane
39:45 The Impact of Focusing on Your Audience
40:22 Leveraging Influence Over Imitation
40:51 Redefining Success Through Discipline and Inspiration
41:26 Task Management vs. Time Management: A New Approach
45:16 Planning Your Week for Maximum Productivity
51:48 The Magic of Writing Things Down
56:02 Strategies for Successful Product Launches
01:04:39 From Message to Movement: Upcoming Leadership Bootcamp
01:04:51 Vision and Growth: The Future of Alphastute
01:09:38 Innovative Ideas and Personal Projects
01:12:17 Final Thoughts: The Dream Chose You