Upscaling Your Business Through Digital Transformation | Ocey Phillips
The ValueAugust 03, 202302:03:07

Upscaling Your Business Through Digital Transformation | Ocey Phillips

In this insightful episode, we are with Ocey Phillips, an expert on digital transformation, focused on assisting companies in keeping up with customer needs in a technologically advanced world. He helps companies grow revenue by matching their perceived value with the problems consumers are looking for solutions to. As an experienced digital consultant with over ten years of successes and failures in the digital, technology, ICT, and telecoms sectors, he is adept at handling various projects and challenges.

As Ocey sits down with us in this episode, we take a deep dive into the Caribbean financial services sector and talk about reinventing the process to adapt to the technologically advanced world. He also shares his insights on managing and adding value to businesses.

Key Takeaways:
- Defining Digital Darwinism
- People management through framework and autonomy
- What inspired Ocey to reinvent himself?
- Introducing Inifye: A brief overview
- Key challenges in the Caribbean financial services sector
- The benefits of reinventing the process and going digital
- Total customer experience: What determines a value of a company
- Constantly be proactive with your market research
- Upscaling your business with a marketplace business model
- Go into business thoroughly, and understand every aspect.
- Staying ahead with prompt engineering
- Business vs. Hobby: What makes a business
- It is essential to have an understanding of the various business models.
- Going back to the core business principles
- Finding value in the Caribbean Fintech sector
- Challenges in funding within the Caribbean region

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