The Art of Media: Samantha Best's Story and Strategies
The ValueAugust 18, 202301:49:15

The Art of Media: Samantha Best's Story and Strategies

In this episode, we are with the well-known Caribbean media professional Samantha Best. Samantha is widely known as a former prime-time news anchor at CCN TV6, but more than that, she is an accomplished author, content consultant, and insurance agent. It was her ability to connect with the audience and her personal touch that made her one of the most popular media personalities on television and radio. In 2023, she made a career shift as she became a member of the Guardian Group as an insurance agent, making a positive impact on people's lives.

Samantha enjoys empowering people to work smart and make more which is what this episode is about. She shares her journey from her humble beginnings in the media industry to transitioning in different career paths. Moreover, she emphasizes the benefits of insurance and the importance of time management in achieving success.

Key Takeaways:
- Samantha's life before entering the media industry
- Finding her path in media and handling the pressures of being a beginner
- How can you improve your craft
- You must have different layers and be in different places to build your brand.
- Learn from your mistakes.
- Dealing with burnout and negative comments
- Samantha's journey on rebranding and getting back to her passion
- Being a woman in media and Samantha's advice to those aiming to get into the media industry
- Samantha's unique approach to insurance and financial freedom
- Build a system of content creation that fits your routine. It can be different for everybody.
- How to manage your time and get organized.

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