How to Sell Like a Boss | Jarrod Best-Mitchell
The ValueOctober 10, 202301:20:16

How to Sell Like a Boss | Jarrod Best-Mitchell

Today’s guest is Sales and LinkedIn trainer Jarrod Best-Mitchell. Jarrod has been in the sales industry since 2006 and has worked for a number of international companies. His years of experience have enabled him to assist people and organizations to enhance their sales performance and achieve their objectives. He has trained hundreds of sales professionals in social selling and how to use LinkedIn for their goals.

In this episode, Jarrod shares his knowledge in sales and LinkedIn. He emphasizes the importance of understanding your buyers and the power of video in building trust and authority. Moreover, he talks about optimizing your LinkedIn profile and how it would help you reach your objectives. So, tune in with us, and let’s start selling.

[02:31] Why the colour yellow?
[05:34] Jarrod’s experiences and how these helped craft his skills
[11:21] Jarrod’s first sales job: Setting the foundation for sales
[16:04] The importance of a positive mindset
[19:29] Knowing the difference between determination and entitlement
[21:13] Creating your personal brand and understanding your target customers
[29:08] Sales for introverts
[34:38] Identifying your ICP and approaching them
[38:46] Identifying the right industry for you
[41:59] The best way to sell is not to sell
[45:18] Stop undervaluing your services
[50:09] Success stories on LinkedIn optimization
[57:19] Collaborating with people
[59:58] A walkthrough on Help Me Sell
[1:06:49] What actually matters in sales
[1:08:30] Creating the Sales As A Profession Sales Conference
[1:15:42] Sales strategies from Jarrod