Digital Payment Apps in Trinidad and Tobago | Keron Rose
The ValueOctober 01, 202301:54:55

Digital Payment Apps in Trinidad and Tobago | Keron Rose

In this technologically advanced world, everything is getting digitalized. For any business to keep up, it has to learn how to efficiently incorporate technology into its processes.

In this episode, digital marketing and e-commerce specialist Keron Rose sits with us as we delve into the world of digital marketing and e-commerce. Keron is also a writer and a podcast host, and his platforms aim to educate Caribbean entrepreneurs about the technology they need to start a business.

Here, Keron discusses the different digital payment platforms available in the Caribbean and the value proposition they offer. He emphasizes the importance of considering the pros and cons of the various digital payment facilitators and choosing the most suitable for your business.

[03:40] Keron’s journey to digital marketing and e-commerce
[15:51] Exploring the different payment platforms and knowing what suits you
[27:04] Digital tools and strategies to enhance your online presence
[32:59] Utilizing digital tools to build your brand: success stories
[39:51] Challenges in adopting digital payment solutions
[53:46] Understanding how various digital payments work
[01:21:35] Looking into the value proposition of different payment facilitators
[01:28:08] Republic Bank’s Endcash digital wallet
[01:34:35] Weighing payment solutions and consumer behaviour
[01:40:45] Digital payments: A look into the future
[01:48:19] The importance of legal conversations on fintech