Building Community Wealth as a Jamaican | Tishauna Mullings
The ValueFebruary 22, 202400:57:07

Building Community Wealth as a Jamaican | Tishauna Mullings

In this episode, we are with Jamaican “pracademic” Tishauna Mullings. Tishauna is a social entrepreneur, youth leader, community builder, and social development practitioner. Her work focuses on developing community wealth through the regeneration of rural areas. She founded the Little Genius program and NexxStepp Lifelong Educational Services, a social enterprise committed to empowering young individuals by providing them with practical skills tailored for employment.

In this inspiring and insightful episode, Tishauna shares her wisdom and talks about channeling your potential to enact positive changes in the community. She also shares her journey to life coaching, her methodologies, and how she has used her experiences to empower others. Moreover, we delve into the value of social enterprises and how entrepreneurs can learn from them and serve the community through their businesses.

[05:04] The Indomitable Pracademic: Knowing Tishauna Mullings
[08:47] Tishauna’s passion for her community
[15:22] Tishauna’s life coaching and how it impacted her life
[19:00] Ready Set Go: A look into Tishauna’s coaching methodology
[22:46] The Ambitious Target Tree Model
[26:17] The Little Genius and how it has impacted Jamaica’s youth
[32:27] Jamaica’s potential for positive transformation
[34:46] Solving issues through building innovative space
[38:47] Delving into social entrepreneurship
[42:51] Driving profitability in social enterprises
[48:57] The value in purpose-lead businesses
[51:48] How can entrepreneurs do better