Web 3: Explained | Jay Harris
The ValueOctober 27, 202300:47:47

Web 3: Explained | Jay Harris

In this episode, we immerse ourselves in the realm of the Web 3 movement with Jay Harris. Jay is the founder of the Web 3 Podcast Network, which produces audio shows to educate and encourage Web3 communities. In addition, he's a captivating public speaker, able to establish a connection with his audience to instigate enhanced performance, cooperation, and the catalyst for change. Renowned for his innovative mindset, Jay has a solid history of crafting resilient technology solutions to address intricate business issues.

In today’s episode, Jay gives us an overview of the Web 3 movement including blockchains, cryptocurrencies, and NFTs. He discusses how investors and businesses can utilize these to create greater opportunities. Moreover, he emphasizes how these technologies can become integral to our future. So, join us and uncover the untapped potential of these technological breakthroughs.

[01:48] The inception of the Web 3 Movement
[05:37] Blockchain: Web 3 Movement’s Catalyst
[06:38] Cryptocurrency: A currency or a speculative investment
[08:49] Investing safely in cryptocurrencies
[14:04] Defining blockchain, Ethereum, and Bitcoin
[17:51] Metaverse and the avenues it creates
[21:10] Capitalizing on the Web 3 development
[25:46] Know more about non-fungible tokens
[31:22] Tokenizing your assets
[32:59] DAOs and utilizing NFTs to generate partnerships
[40:13] Should business tokenize their assets?
[43:39] The community side of NFTs
[45:08] Reasons to Consider NFTs

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