Exploring Guyana’s Potential as a Startup Nation
The ValueJanuary 29, 202401:05:20

Exploring Guyana’s Potential as a Startup Nation

This episode features Steven Jasmin, Group Chairman and Managing Director of Smart City Clearing Company Ltd., a Guyana-focused BVI-based frontier market Merchant Bank. Steven is a former registered Investment Banker and has worked as a Managing Director for Corporate Finance Associates, where he managed transactions throughout the entire alternative investment asset class. With over 15 years of experience as a Management Consultant and Investment Banker, he possesses a profound skill set and a vast global network that includes crucial relationships, which he can leverage for the benefit of his clients and partners.

Steven's experience equips him with a distinctive outlook, enhancing his approach to each opportunity. In today’s episode, he shares his journey in investing and seizing Guyana’s investment opportunities. Moreover, Steven talks about Guyana’s market potential, the key challenges faced by Guyana as a startup nation, and how he and his company are steering through these circumstances and getting ready for the market's maturation.

[04:08] Steven’s journey in Guyana’s market
[10:48] The Bain Structure: Properly structuring your investments
[14:33] Navigating Guyana’s Local Content Policy
[24:49] Looking into Guyana’s stock market
[33:59] Diving into Guyana’s real estate market
[37:57] The challenges in the real estate market
[40:30] Guyana’s road to diversification and global competitiveness
[50:53] FinTech’s potential in Guyana’s market
[54:10] Dubai’s investment in Guyana
[56:55] What made Guyana investible?